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Bulk Dice Sets For Collectors

When you are looking for the absolute gaming experience, it is time for bulk dice sets. Gaming enthusiasts prefer a huge variety of dice that comes in varied colors, shape and size. You can either buy them individually or bulk. The dice are not just used for gaming purposes but educational functions as well. For instance, there are math and language dice that can help you with your education. There are different kinds of dice needed for varied gaming needs. For D&D, Farkle, Bunco, Yahtzee, etc. each has a different mode of play. There are polyhedral dice, educational dice, foam dice and specialty dice.

There are standard 16mm six-sided dice also available, and it comes in hundreds of styles and finishes. The huge variety of dice has given the gaming world a host of opportunities. Dice was earlier crafted in metal and wood. With the advent of technology and invention of newer technologies, the dice manufacturers have moved to polyhedral dice. If you thought these dice were cheap, it is not so. A six-sided dice of 4 sets costs around $30 and can even go up to hundreds of dollars based on the make and finish.

For some, these dice are mere collectibles for its gorgeous feel and shape. Many feel that spending on these tiny fantasies is worth the dime. Dice are available online whether in bulk or single. There are other direct buy shops that sell dice exclusively that can give you a wide range of variety. High-quality dice are made of high-quality plastic that are lustrous and gives a gem-like quality. Some also come with razor-like edges that add sharpness to your rolls. Dice that are unlinked is of superior quality. In such cases, the buyer has to ink the numbers by hand, and this gives a thrilling experience.

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Try Minecraft for Free


Minecraft has officially been out for over three years and is still going strong.

Thanks to its high customization possibilities and dedicated players, Minecraft is still one of the most widely talked about and played games on the net.The modding communities are alive and well. In addition, teams like Feed The Beast and Technic’s are doing wonders by giving players who own the game a chance to experiment with amazing mod combinations. These turns playing Minecraft into an entirely new Minecraft experience.For example, normally you can only build simple things like a coal furnace. However, if you add certain mods you can build advanced technology like nuclear generators.

This is great for the Minecraft community because it keep players engaged with ever increasing possibilities.If you haven’t played Minecraft yet and would like to try it before spending the $27, then you should try Minecraft for free. Just download the demo from the Minecraft website and play.You can find the demo here. ( addition, here are two websites where you can try Minecraft without having to install it on your computer. All you have to do is point your browser to the locations below, and a streaming service will allow you to start playing right away:

1. Minecraft For Free Online (

Note that you will need a Minecraft username to play on either one of theses servers.It is a shame that players who don’t own the game don’t have the option to try any of the amazing mods. However, the vanilla demo should be more then satisfactory for anyone who would like to test Minecraft out before making a final decision on their purchase.I recommend that you go out there and play Minecraft for a few hours. Once you get used to it, you will be hooked for life.

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Importance of 3D Technology in Gaming

3D Gaming


3D games are currently gaining visibility as more programmers turn to the technology. The first 3 measurement technology was introduced in 1987 and now the technology has really improved and is no longer confined to computer games. The technology has really improved since then, while the price has decreased enormously. Now, computers have become much more strong and less expensive. Because of this they can be supported well to manage 3D. 3D technology has brought such a revolution in our lives. 3D gaming is no uncertainty the following huge thing. You’ll find the next big thing’s popularity, in the event you look around. The advantages of 3D technology in gaming are:

Depth of eyesight

Among the advantages of 3D gaming is the depth of field. It offers an extended vision for games, offering a simple and clear focus. This is not particularly bad when you’ve got a a name with a distinctive, powerful graphical fashion or a 2D platform game. The 3D nature is a picture our eyes are used to. Considering we’re 3 dimensional beings, we stand a better possibility of discovering the difference between background and the foreground. Thus, it makes realizing what we’re looking at considerably more easy. The images become more refined. Such a screen proceeds to get better making ability and the effects of computing just better.


3D gaming additionally provides the added advantage of concentration. This really is in light with the challenges in attempting to gain an awareness of concentration games have had. When players understand they’re playing a game, while being intensely conscious, the experience is usually considerably reduced. The technology offers something that’s somewhat more realistic. At least there are fewer borders on where the display comes to a conclusion, making the reality. Moreover, most of this empowers programmers to eventually become more creative. In the prior days of gaming, parallax scrolling and 2D layers were employed for functions of producing a 3 dimensional illusion. But now with 3D technology in use, there’s no demand to participate in such trickery.

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The Best Mobile Games

Mobile Gaming


Challenging creations mostly flood mobile games. Nevertheless, there are a number of which are worth investing our time. This informative article covers some of them.

Warhammer Quest
This game is an adaptation of a brilliant board game from Games Workshop. Activity occurs in a shadowy land known as the Old World. The player commands a team of four heroes and certainly will fight hordes of creatures in dungeons that are increased. As they pass by, they accumulate gold, encounter, strong items and, obviously, that enables them to train more abilities and charms. The game is a turn-based strategy with ambush and fog mechanism, that induces player to be in a continuous move. Otherwise many creature forces will find him.

Monument Valley
This really is among the largest hits this year, with almost 1 million copies. This is actually the sign for the programmers a game doesn’t have to be in a free-to- play with distribution system to reach a huge success. The primary character is a young princess, who investigates crow clan’s lands. What drives us to play for hours is the gameplay mechanism. Our primary job will be to locate the way out. This isn’t a straight forward walk from point A to point B. One has to watch the besieging carefully and find his own path.

Fall Dynasty
It is a game for people who are searching for some great strategy. It is a war activity and RTS creation occurs in a dream land, inspired by the primeval China. The storyline centers around a history of the old empire, which suffers from corruption and internal battles. You’re a youthful general whose primary objective will be to prevent the break down. Gameplay is founded on collecting resources, making a military, building new buildings and destroying enemies. The game’s largest edge is the player’s interface – it resembles an old map in which you mark your fingers on orders.

Wayward Souls
It is the ideal alternative for people who look for an action RPG games that are challenging. Gameplay aims at slaying hordes of creatures in the dungeons. The activity is seen by the player from the bird’s eye view as well as retro design is presented by the image. Wayward Souls received the greatest amount of reviews in 2014. The game is for advanced players. It requires just a couple of errors as well as our hero is not alive. You make start over, however there’s a cost to pay – you will be a distinct character with things or no additional skills.


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